Helsingforsdagen på Månsasgårdens plats

Bild: Antti Kokkola

Introduktion till evenemang

Helsinki Day at Maunula House is a feast of modern folk music!

Internationally successful kantele artist Maija Kauhanen brings her one-woman orchestra and her powerful stories of women of various ages to the square. The first act of the evening is bowed lyre player and singer-songwriter Minsku Tammela with her band.

6 pm Minsku Tammela
7:30 pm Maija Kauhanen

Maija Kauhanen
Folk musician, singer-songwriter and kantele artist Maija Kauhanen is an explosive and versatile one-woman orchestra who has created a fantastic international career with her kantele, singing and a particular set of percussion instruments, as well as her powerful lyrics about life.
In 2023, Maija won the highly regarded Nordic Council Music Price.

In 2024, Maija will be touring the Nordic countries, and in Finland, she will be playing at Provinssi, Haapavesi, the Maailma Kylässä festival, the Helsinki Festival and at Maunula House on Helsinki Day.

An important part of her powerful performances are the stories and lyrics, which often feature the fates of women, both young and old. They are about relationships, domestic violence and fears, but also about joy and hope and courage to keep moving.

Minsku Tammela – Valkoinen hevonen live
Long-time musician, singer-songwriter and bowed lyre player Minsku Tammela is known for her many folk music bands, such as Etnogaala award-winning Juurakko. Her compositions and stories draw on the worlds of Nordic folk music, melodies and blues. Tammela’s long-awaited first solo album, Valkoinen hevonen, was released under Kuohu Records (2023) and received good reviews in Helsingin Sanomat, among others. Significant themes on the album include the relationship with nature, women’s work, as well as mythical stories of far-north Kelontekemä village, as told by her relatives. The Valkoinen hevonen live concert is an enchanting performance of open-minded, fresh and difficult-to-categorise music with moving stories.

Minsku Tammela – vocals, piano, bowed lyre, percussion
Laura Kaartinen – piano, percussion, background vocals
Eija Kankaanranta – kantele, percussion
Anna Wiksten – percussion, background vocals
Kaisa Saarikorpi – bass, percussion, background vocals
Emma Raunio – live sampling, background vocals

In cooperation with the Helsinki Events Foundation.


Klassiker, Musik

Information om evenemang

  • Tid:

    • 18:00–20:30

  • Arrangör:


  • Adress:

    Metsäpurontie 4
    00630 Helsinki

  • Tillgänglighet:

    Evenemanget är tillgängligt med rullstol.

    Det finns en tillgänglig toalett på evenemangsplatsen.

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