Helsinki Day at Malmi: Stig, Mimmit, and many more wonderful summer activities

Image: Iida Liimatainen

Event Introduction

Helsinki Day at Malmi is an invite to join an unforgettable birthday party at Malmitalo’s green back yard. Join us among colourful soap bubbles, art and the coolest gigs: Stig, Mimmit, Finlanders, and touko. Also visit the Malmi Market, art workshops, physical activities, barn dances and so much more. Admission is free!  

At Malmi, our beautiful city’s birthday begins with art workshops. Our barn dance event invites everyone to dance to the music of dance band royalty, the Finlanders. On the park side, you can learn about recycling, tie-dying, receive dance instruction and try out various forms of physical activity – at times, to the tunes of baroque music.  

Get to know local businesses and participate in various activities at the Malmi Market. In the case of rain, don’t worry: everyone’s favourite band, Mimmit, will lighten up the day. The highlight of the day is ever-popular artist Stig’s concert.

And that’s not all! Dinner under the Malmi sky invites local residents to eat at the same table. The table will be set for one hundred people with reservations, but everyone is welcome to join us on their own picnics. To liven up the dinner, we have invited pop/jazz band touko, whose music will certainly wrap the day up in a fantastic bow. Come celebrate this wonderful summer day with us!  

from 11 am to 4 pm
Taiteen Sulattamo: colours workshop 

from 12 noon to 3 pm
Barn dance: Finlanders

Join the barn dance in the greenery of Ala-Malmi Park and move your body to the music of legendary dance band, the Finlanders!

The Finlanders, who are essentially dance band royalty, are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Their members are Aarne Hartelin, Pasi Ketola, Juha Kangassalo, Juho Jokio and Mika Heinonen.

Gentle advice for exercise and physical examinations are also available. This park event is free of charge and includes, in addition to the barn dance, dance lessons, Asahi exercise and a balance course.
You can also measure your grip strength.

from 1 pm to 3 pm
Recycling with Okko the Squirrel
Organised by Varustamo, Recycling with Okko the Squirrel is a playful workshop around an environmental theme. 

Do you know where to put styrofoam, or a broken vase? Have you thought about how you can help to protect your local nature and environment? What can you do to pass a good thing forward? These are some of the things you get to think about alongside fun competitions and trivia. Winners will receive prizes!

Location: Ala-Malmi Park workshop area

Suited for children. Instruction in Finnish.

from 2 pm to 5 pm
Kupla Kopla
Let’s make soap bubbles of all sizes together! Kupla Kopla creates a magical and playful atmosphere for all ages. 

Kupla Kopla is a performance group of professionals and dancers from all around Finland. Their mission is to spread joy with humongous soap bubbles, colourful outfits and interesting characters. Kupla Kopla creates an engaging, communal atmosphere wherever they go, letting people try blowing soap bubbles of all sizes. 

3 pm to 6 pm
Workshop: Tie-dying and undersea wonders
This family workshop explores the undersea world together and lets you create your own wonders with tie-dying. 

We welcome you to join the Single Parents’ Association’s workshop on tie-dying and undersea wonders! Participants will get to try out various techniques and creative ideas to bring their undersea landscapes to life. Tie-dying is an interesting way to create images with string and paint. It is all about the fascinating textures and imaginative shapes that you can create.

Location: Ala-Malmi Park workshop area
Language: Finnish

from 3 pm to 6 pm
Malmi Market
The Malmi Market brings together local businesses, associations and service provides at Ala-Malmi Park to showcase their activities. 

Inclusive activities, raffles, things to do and maybe some refreshments, too!  

The Malmi Market is a part of the summer events at Malmi, and it will be held on both Helsinki Day, Wednesday 12 June from 3 pm to 6 pm, and on the Night of the Arts, Thursday 15 August from 3 pm to 6 pm.

from 3 pm to 4 pm
Baroque music: performance by local Finnish Baroque Orchestra musician
Take a musical trip through history and experience the baroque era. The Finnish Baroque Orchestra’s cellist Louna Hosia presents a baroque music concert at Malmi on Helsinki Day.

Louna Hosia is a cello, viol and bowed lyre player from Helsinki, who is also the Finnish champion in musical saw playing. Hosia specialises in old music and has premiered a great deal of modern Finnish composers’ work. Hosia’s wide-ranging musical expertise has led her to play on stages abroad, to lead sections at city orchestras, to play solo in her home city’s suburbs and to play as a chamber musician at various arts festivals. 

from 4 pm to 5 pm
Even in the case of summer rains, Mimmit will brighten up the day! Mimmit play joyful songs bursting with energy that get children and adults to feel the summer.

Family favourite band Mimmit makes sure that your summer won’t be boring – sign, dance, play and sign along! Their Aurinkoo concert features all-new Mimmit songs about nature and classic Mimmit favourites with all the familiar groove. 

6 pm to 7 pm
Summer events at Malmi
Stig takes over the Malmi summer stage on Helsinki Day! 

Having released a number of gold and platinum-certified singles over the years, STIG has given the people of Finland a great deal of evergreen hits, such as “Puumaa mä metsästän” and “Original gigolo (feat.  Teflon Brothers)”. His 2015 album “STIG” featured the massive hit song “Roy Orbison”, which became that year’s ninth most played song on the Finnish airwaves. In autumn 2020, STIG joined Nelonen’s super-popular Vain Elämää TV show, delighting viewers with his phenomenal hit song “Kuningaskobra”, among others.

from 8 pm to 10 pm
“touko” is a five-man pop/jazz band, who produce and write their own songs. They are well known for their beautiful, poem-like lyrics and a sensitive but playful atmosphere.

touko’s music will accompany the Dinner under the Malmi sky.

Helka Ruusumetsä – vocals
Laura Valldén – piano, backing vocals
Lisa Korkman – cello, backing vocals
Leo Ash – drums
Amos Bonsdorff – saxophone

Duration: 2 x 40min.

from 8 pm to 10 pm
Dinner under the Malmi sky
Dinner under the Malmi sky invites local residents to eat at the same table in the beautiful Ala-Malmi Park. We will set a long dinner table for a hundred people with reservations. 

Invite your friends and pack your own picnic food, drinks and plates – let’s raise a glass together on Wednesday, 12 June to our wonderful city, Helsinki!

Participation is free of charge. Group reservations are possible with a single reservation form (max.  10 persons). Reserve your seats for the Dinner under the Sky event at:

Reservations open on Monday, 20 May at 12 noon, closing as soon as the seats are all reserved. There is a limited number of seats, but even if they’re all gone, you can join everyone for a picnic in Ala-Malmi Park.

The dinner will feature the music of the band, touko, whose jazzy tunes will be a highlight of this fantastic day. Join us all at the same table!


Children, Classics, Dance, Theatre and Cinema, Design and Workshops, Food, Music, Nature and the Environment, Sports and Wellness

Event Information

  • Time:

    • 11:00–22:00

  • Organiser:


  • Address:

    Ala-Malmi park
    Ala-Malmin puisto, Helsinki, Suomi
    00700 Helsinki

  • Accessibility:

    The event is accessible with a wheelchair.

    The event has an accessible toilet.

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