The 2023 Stadin Friidu and Stadin Kundi are Seija Sartti and Olli Ahvenlahti

Every year on Helsinki Day, 12 June, Standin Slangi ry, the largest Finnish local history association, selects Stadin Friidu and Stadin Kundi. This is the greatest honour a Helsinki resident can receive. Journalist and non-fiction writer Seija Sartti has been selected as the 2023 Stadin Friidu, and pianist and composer Olli Ahvenlahti has been selected as the 2023 Stadin Kundi.

The new Stadin Friidu, Seija Sartti, is a Helsinki-born journalist and non-fiction writer. Sartti is known for her extensive, pamphlet-like articles and feature stories published in Helsingin Sanomat and Kuukausiliite.

This year’s Stadin Kundi, Olli Ahvenlahti, is musically multitalented; he is a pianist, a composer and a conductor. Ahvenlahti’s career includes working as a conductor for the Finnish Broadcasting Company in the 1990s. Ahvenlahti has also composed music and accompanied numerous famous Finnish artists. In addition, he has been part of UMO Jazz Orchestra and a strong presence in the Finnish jazz scene.

Stadin Kundi and Stadin Friidu were awarded on the Espa stage on 12 June as part of the Helsinki Day programme.