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Event Introduction

Helsinki’s electronic music scene takes over local homes as Ravenation opens the virtual doors of the legendary Botta to anyone interested in electronic music, dance and audiovisual art. Situated in the heart of Helsinki, Botta has a history that stretches back more than a century, and its upstairs Berlin Club has already raised several generations of music-loving dancers.

Ravenation wants to honour one of Helsinki's first live music venues and homes of dance music by producing a live audiovisual event streamed from Botta in connection with Helsinki Day. The event combines dance, lights, DJ music and video art.


DJs Proteus, Miikka L, Rony Rex and Kajis
VJ Move Sindustry / XRL
Belenos Group of Arts


#Musiikki, #Verkossa

Event Information

  • Time:

    • 16:00–20:00

  • Event language:

    Finnish, English

  • Organizer:

    Ravenation Oy

  • Links:

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